January 30, 2022

Disneyland day one

Our first day of Disneyland was a very special day because it was also Kacin’s birthday!

We woke up as early as we could and drove to California. We got checked in at our hotel and walked straight over to Disneyland. We got there around 2:30pm.

We got Kacin his birthday button.

We checked in at city hall to get Perry’s disability pass.
I was in love with this little library they had on display. 

Then the big kids rode Indiana jones while B and I played outside.

We acted like rookies that day as we adjusted to the new system and without fast pass. But we figured it out by the next day.

Even though it was so cold outside! We rode splash mountain. And I’m glad we did because that ended up being the warmest of all the days we were there.

We rode thunder mountain railroad many times over the week.

We happened to walk down Main Street right when they were counting down to turn on the Christmas lights.

We got the birthday boy a special birthday treat of his choice—churros!

We sang happy birthday to him and made him pretend the churros were his birthday cake.

We went back to the hotel for dinner and to change into warm clothes because our Arizona blood wasn’t used to the cold or something then came back for a couple more hours of fun.

You get the best view of the park from up high on the rocket ride. Obviously I didn’t get a good picture, but also posting here because Brinn was so excited to be flying in this (and I got very dizzy in the back—the older I get the harder spinning rides are!).

I tried so hard to find tall enough shoes and to urge this little girl to grow in the three months before our trip, but Brinn was still under the 40 in. bar so has to miss out on most of the rides. So while she rode the carousel with Eric, I took the other kids on space mountain.

We watched the fireworks from it’s a small world. That is such a great viewing area!

We ended the night at autopia. I think this is Kacin’s favorite childhood ride. And I think it was Laylas first time driving all alone.