January 13, 2022


Starting out this new year, I have felt so much more refreshed, relaxed, hopeful, and joyful than I ever remember feeling. 

Slowing down my thoughts and many parts of my life has brought me so much healing and contentment. 

In reality, I am just as busy as ever. But I take more time to be still and to feel appreciation and choose fun. I'm practicing controlling my thoughts and leaning into my feelings and being open to life and people. I make mistakes, learn from them, and move forward. I don't feel defined by them. I know who I am and the work I have done to figure that out. I am mindful and present. When life feels off balance and hard, I am confident that I know what to do to get back to this place I'm in now. And it feels like a good place to be. 

I am glad for a new year to reflect on life and for this feeling of brightness I have found.

Hiking on New Year’s Day is the best way to start the year, in my opinion. I’m glad I could get out with a friend, talk about our resolutions and life, and enjoy a beautiful day in the desert. 

Welcome 2022 and whatever you may bring!