December 4, 2021

Shrek the musical

Layla tried out for another play at Queen Creek Performing Arts Center and got to be a Duloc/Townsperson in Shrek the Musical, Jr. She had a blast being part of this cast!

We took the kids to see the matinee performance. It was so well done!

Layla is there next to Macie on the end on the right.

We got lucky because the girls came right next to us to sing their part of “I’m a Believer” as part of the finale.

We took all the pictures with all the people at the end of the show.

On her last performance, I got to volunteer backstage.

I love the energy of the cast backstage. Watching them get all pumped up for the performance was so fun.

I’m glad she enjoys theater so much. She’s already looking forward to the next play she will get to be a part of.