December 28, 2021


The girls got to see Santa at our ward Christmas party.

Layla is one of Santa’s little helpers herself, but she loves the magic of Santa Claus all the same. She asked for a light blue suitcase.

Brinna’s main request was for an amulet (like on Sophia the first), but also stuff to play grocery store.

Santa delivered!

On Christmas morning, we came downstairs to too many gifts. (Santa knew this was Kyler’s last Christmas at home.)

Layla got her suitcase and a note for an aerial hoop that shipping was delayed on.

Brinn got her amulets!

And her own grocery store.

Perry did ask for a Nintendo switch from Santa and he delivered.

But Santa left a note with some very clear rules about that thing (share it with your family and do not bring it into your room etc).

Santa also came through on tickets to Disneyland!!

Santa brought Kyler some luggage. He has a year of traveling ahead of him.

Kacin got tools from Santa.

And then we spent time playing and enjoying Santa’s gifts. Thank you, Santa!