December 14, 2021

November days

I had been counting down the days until the movie Dear Evan Hansen came out. I was introduced to some of the music a few years ago and since then I have had a strong desire to see the production on Broadway, though I didn't even know what it was entirely about. I went opening weekend with a group of women and I cried through the whole thing. I think it is an important movie with important music. As someone with anxiety and off and on depression, I get this movie. Yes it was weird that Ben Platt is so old and they CGI-ed his face, but the music is not the same without Ben Platt. I adore Ben Platt (So much of Ben Platt's music has strengthened and helped me over the last few years). I really wanted to take my boys to see the movie, but with work and school and sports I could never get our schedules to work out. But it was heading out of the theaters so I decided to take them out of school and get a babysitter for Brinn and go watch the movie on a school day afternoon. We had the theater to ourselves and I'm so glad we got to go together. Also, I really love the song "the anonymous ones." I'm not sure if that one is in the theater production or not. Now I'm counting down the days until I can see the Broadway show!!

Kyler was inducted into Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honor Society. What a beautiful evening honoring the inductees and elevating us to live by important character traits and values.

This chapter of the soceity is named after the best teacher at the high school. Both of my boys have had him as a teacher and he teaches with such respect and engagement. He is an incredible person.

I commissioned Kyler to build nesting boxes for the chickens.

I am the luckiest to have this fireball riding her bike through my kitchen.

Brinn introduced the tortoises to her friend. Side note, most of Brinn's friends are a full head taller than her.

We went with friends on a hike around Butcher Jones at Saguaro lake and then let the girls play in the water for awhile.

My cousins daughter got married. We loved being a part of the celebration and catching up with extended family.

Let's call this series of pictures "we should have been talk show hosts," K. All the family news and gossip right here from your hosts, Laura and Aly.

My heart swelled up again with how lucky I am to be her mom when I walked out of the grocery store with her like this.

I've talked about it for long enough and finally got Brinn signed up for gymnastics. There's a few tears and little attitude for the first few minutes each week, but by the end of class she's golden.

Brinna also got her first haircut from my wonderful friend.

Yet again, I'm the luckiest! Also, she is going through a toast stage and loves butter toast. All day long.

Eric and I are still going to ballroom dance classes together each week (and sometimes multiple times a week). This night was a flannel and flapjacks practice party.

More tortoise watching (and when Brinn gets her hands on them it become tortoise torture...she just doesn't get how to be gentle with them yet) with cousins.

When Brinn finds Kyler's air pods she can't help but try them out herself. They fit perfect this way.

We kicked off the holiday season with a house christmas light lighting ceremony at a friend's house. All the christmas lights were amazing! So fun.

That's the night Perry grabbed an entire plate of mints.

Brinna's primary teacher sent me this picture one sunday.

My mom spent some time here when she had a doctor's appointment. It's so nice to have a grandma around. I especially loved watching her play the same game with Layla that I used to play with my Grandma Neff.

That's a wrap on some of the little things in November.