December 23, 2021

He is officially an adult

God knew who we needed as our first born when he gave us Kyler. He is a natural leader, creative compassionate, thoughtful, fun, adventurous, hardworking, responsible, driven, and wise. He is also impulsive, disorganized, and knows how to push every single one of my buttons. I love everything about him.

He is used to sharing his birthday with his really cool aunt, but also sharing it with Thanksgiving was a little tricky.

We were able to give him some presents before most people arrived.

Then after thanksgiving we put candles in pie to sing happy birthday to them both.

The next day Eric and I took him out to Rodizio for a special you are an adult now meal. Turning 18 did not change the fact that he gives me the gooofiest grins every time we take a picture.

With the thanksgiving holiday, the birthday celebration felt a little different, but I still hope he knows how much we love him and admire him and how grateful we are to have him in our lives.