December 28, 2021

December little things

December was full of Christmasy things and fun.

We started out with a night hike with the church youth group. I had a bad attitude about going so late at night with so many teenagers, but it ended up being just what I needed. To stand under the dark sky for awhile and to ponder and wonder at the stars and my place in the world was very centering. To feel small and so insignificant and yet so important and special all at the same time!

We had had some cousins stay with us for a few days. Perry introduced shaving cream baths to them.

I took the kids on a hike.

Layla had her Christmas piano recital. She played “Away in the Manger” so beautifully.

I went to a favorite things party.

We did lots of reading by Christmas tree light throughout the whole month.

I organized a night to serve Impact One and help with their hope boxes for women with breast cancer.

I got Christmas gifts ready for my young women and took my girls to deliver them. Perry rekindled his friendship with Brinna and loves to play with her now.

Kyler went to winter formal.

We went to our ward Christmas party and after the dinner our Bishop (who Brinna adores!) dressed up as the conductor, read the children a story, and sent us on our way on the polar express hay ride to see Santa Claus.

One morning Layla and I attempted Christmas pancakes—Santa’s beard, Christmas trees, and snowmen-ish.

Brinna performed to a Christmas song with her dance class.

Kacin was recruited this year as head treat maker.

We made a lot of treats for neighbors, but we did not get around to as many people as we would have liked to and that made me sad. Next year!

Brinna had her last day of red balloons “Let’s play music” and starts the blue bugs program after the new year.

Kyler got his asu acceptance and scholarship information. We celebrated by dumping asu garb on him.

Brinn performed a song at her gymnastics class.

Eric and I went to the Christmas practice party in Chandler for ballroom dance.

Layla went to a sewing class and made presents for multiple people and brought home sugar cookies for us to decorate.

We think kyler sleep walked. Either that or our house is haunted. Kyler woke up in the night and his bed was moved and his headboard was on top of him. There was this huge hole in the wall and everything that had been on the headboard shelves was dumped out. He is known to sleep walk, but this was definitely more intense than anything he has done in the past…

Layla spent over three weeks practicing for a Christmas Around the World show. I felt so lucky that we got to host the performance in our house. Each kid had a solo part to sing. Layla performed a song from Hawaii. It was such a beautiful program! 

This first picture was taken during dress rehearsal. Brinna wanted so bad to be in the performance, too. She knew all the words to Layla’s song.

The performance brought such a special spirit into our home.

We even had a bake sale and donated all the money earned to the giving machine.

Layla read her speaking part beautifully. Brinn wouldn’t leave her side. I had to carry her off the living room floor so they could perform.

We got to see David Archuleta in concert! Such a magical night. I love his music.

December kept us busy but not too busy. I’m so glad we could participate in so many things to celebrate the fun and the true spirit of Christmas.