December 20, 2021

Christmas tree

Just like always, we got our Christmas tree up right after Thanksgiving. 

It was Brinna’s turn to place the first ornament on the tree. It is always placed with great care. Eric bought this ornament for the first Christmas after we got married way back in 2003.

And then the decorating may commence!

Everyone goes to town placing all the various and handmade ornaments every which place on the tree.

The older boys were in such a mood and were being goofy the whole time.

Like this. 

I was getting so mad that every time I set the phone up to take candid photos of the decorating they would go and stick their butts in front of it. 

So this is the candid shot I got. Of myself. Losing ot on them.

And then it hit me. Hello?! I was the problem here, not them. They were having fun and a smiling and laughing and helping us decorate and I was being all stuffy about it. So I took a breath and reprioritized and joined them in their games.

Eventually we got a candid shot. Actually not any better from when they were sticking their faces and backsides in the camera. 

I really do love how much Perry loves to decorate the tree.

More modeling pictures…

Kacin got to place the star on the top of the tree. Just like when he was 5, he climbed up on Eric’s shoulders. But the problem with that was he couldn’t stop laughing to get it up there.

Then the tree was up and the Christmas season began.