December 24, 2021

Christmas at the fairmont princess

I took the girls to see the Christmas lights at the Fairmont Princess in Scottsdale a few weeks before Christmas.

It was a perfect way to start to feel the holiday spirit.

Brinna’s excitement means she wants to touch and hug everything.

We went on the little train ride. 

Brinna shook her booty by the singing Christmas trees when I told them to dance.

They had a new section with rides for kids. We waited in ridiculously long lines to ride all of them.

Brinna wanted to go down the tube snow slide but we got to the top and she freaked outand refused to go down, making quite a scene. We went back to the bottom and then she found her courage and wanted to try again. I took her up and got her settled and met her at the bottom. I was so proud of her for doing it!

My favorite place is the area with the white lights and the nativity. It’s such a peaceful place.

We found fire and hot cocoa.

This is my favorite picture of the night—all these sweet girls. So glad they are friends!

When we walked up to these trees with white leaves there was a girl modeling by the tree with her foot popped up while her friend took pictures of her. So when Brinna took her turn she immediately popped her  foot up, too. :)

They adults around laughed and so she felt uncomfortable but it was so cute.

The white trees were gorgeous.

Before we left we wrote letters to Santa. Brinna asked for an amulet.

We rode the Ferris wheel to end the night.

We missed having the rest of our family with us this year, but we enjoyed the night out so much. It made us so excited for Christmas!