December 3, 2021

Bubble run

We took our three younger kids to the Bubble Run.

We went with my sister and her family and our friends from the neighborhood. (I can’t believe we forgot to get a picture of the whole group).

Before the race began, Brinn was running in circles playing with the the other kids. She fell down and scraped both of her knees pretty badly. And after that it was pretty impossible to get her to participate much. We did get her to walk through the bubbles at the start. She wasn’t a huge fan.

Definitely not a fan of the bubbles.

We pretty much carried her the majority of the race. I think if it weren’t for the scrapes on her knees, she would’ve done much better.

This girl squad ran ahead of us and stayed together for the race. 

This guy set a goal for the race—to beat us all. He wanted to be the winner. And he totally did. He kept himself ahead of all of us. If anyone approached him, he took off running. He did so well!! We were so proud of his hard work.

One of the two minutes we got Brinna to run. Wahoo!

This is mostly how it was. She would stop and pout and refuse to go and so one of us would encourage or carry her along.

The finish!!

Perry was pretty proud of his medal.

Perry was also the one that kept disappearing into that mosh pit crowd to get covered by bubbles at the end.

Look at him! Every time he came out he was covered like this. And then he would turn back around and go again.

Brinna started to enjoy the bubbles during the last 5 min that we were there. Classic.

I love him.

This was a fun race for my kids so maybe we will do it again someday.