November 4, 2021

rocky point mexico

A couple hundred dollars buys us one of our families favorite vacations...Mexico!!

We arrived just in time to catch this sunset from our campsite.

We set up tents and trailers in a big circle and night time is for gatherings to watch movies and play games.

The first morning two of my friends who were staying in the resorts met up with me to paddleboard.

It was a gorgeous morning.

And it was really, really hard to paddle against the wind and current to get back to our campsite. We definitely got a good workout that morning.

We bought Perry a new shovel just for the beach. He is in his element digging holes and building in the sand with all the different kids.

Brinna girl was so full of glee by the water. It was impossible to keep her away from it.

Layla's broken arm didn't stop her. She tried to keep it covered, but she often forgot. And the covers weren't always effective with the way she played. So we just resigned ourselves to the fact that she would get a new cast as soon as we got back.

I loved all the time E and I got to just hang out together and relax in such a beautiful place with our kids and friends.

More digging of pools...

The kids chose ice cream from one of the beach vendors.

We walked down to the resorts to visit the group of friends staying there.

All the teens out in the ocean...

The adults and a melting Perry (he needed some down time after I kayaked him down to the resorts--he would paddle, then I would push him and pull him in the kayak. We were both tired after that one!)

Braids for most of the kids this year...

We saw these beautiful rainbows once we made it back to our campsite!

Such breathtaking nights!

Eric and I went down by the water and turned on music and practiced our ballroom dance skills down at the beach as the sunset. There should always be dancing at the beach.

Good morning on our last full day!

Low tide was Layla's favorite time to search for critters and shells. 

The wind was really strong that day. We had tents blowing over.

And the waves were huge (by Rocky Point standards). The highlight of the waves was riding "the murder mat" until you got thrown off.

I love this little girl.

We had to keep our shade really low so it wouldn't blow away. Here we are huddled in that little tent.

It is tradition now to take family sunset pictures on our last night.

Finally churros on our last night!

We went on a one last morning walk before getting our campsite cleaned up.

So grateful for old friends and new friends on this trip! Can't wait for next year.