November 5, 2021

October days

In between vacations and Halloween and fall fun (more to come on that soon) was all sorts of things.

We happened to go to an escape room on national escape room day!

Layla got her blue cast off and a pink cast on.

Kacin gave Perry his birthday present—lights on his bike.

I went on a hike at usery pass to process some emotions.

We made a visit to the zoo.

We saw Jim Gaffigan! We had been looking forward to it for so long. Such a fun night!

This is taken after the drunk lady jumped out at us (and scared us half to death) and asked us to take her picture. So we in turn asked her to take ours. 

We happened upon the best ice cream place! It is called Novel and it is amazing. We even had an ice cream filled donut that was divine.

While we were eating our ice cream, this man approached us and asked if he could share his poetry with us. He read us 6 different heart filled poems. We picked one of them to buy.

We spent the morning at the park. It was just slightly too cold to spend the time at the splash pad, but I let her go in right before we left.

After a dentist visit for all 5 kids, we stopped at bahama bucks.

Perry went upstairs to take a bath. When I went up to check on him I found this. Shaving cream baths are definitely his favorite.

Kyler went to homecoming.

My sister threw a really fun Jimmy Fallon party in honor of her husbands birthday.

It was really fun until I had to stick my hands in here and touch crab. Awful. Eric only had dentist teeth.

The kids had their primary program. This is the only picture I got as we were coming out of the church.

And those was the little things of October.