November 22, 2021

Fall Farm

Living in Washington spoiled us when it came to farms in the fall. Arizona holds nothing to it. But we keep trying.

We spent an evening at Vertuccio farms. The weather was pretty perfect. Everyone else must have felt that too because it was pretty crowded. We still got around to do all the traditionally fun things we do there.

Layla is the only kid who will jump on the jumping mats. I tried to get Brinna on but she just cried the whole time.

We did get Brinna on the slide though.

Layla is such a caring big sister. Always attentive to her little sister.

I love that I have pictures of each of my kids at these duck races over the years. 

We tried to see how many animal puns and jokes we could come up with when we walked by the ducks and donkeys.


We were missing Perry for the first part of our visit. He had activity days and so we had someone drive him to us. The conditions have to be right in order for him to enjoy a visit to the farm. With such high crowds we made the right choice by having him come late.

They try so hard to make weird and obnoxious faces in all pictures. Haha

The thing is, I don’t have to try. It happens naturally for me.

Kacin found some field trip name tag on the ground.


A wrestling match broke out about this point.

Meanwhile, Layla was helping Brinna again.

Too cute to watch these two bookends play.

Perry arrived just in time for a few activities with us before the corn maze.

I love corn mazes so much. We had to divide up this year once we went inside, but so fun to wander around.

At one point, Brinna ran ahead of us and turned a corner in the corn. I heard her scream and run back to us. Monsters! There were monsters and she was sure if it. Then the poor dear tripped and fell. I scooped her up into my arms She had been so brave to try to lead the way, but quickly learned to stay right with us. 

It was kind of fun watching the sunset while in the corn rows.

After the corn maze, we quickly grabbed a couple of pumpkins and said our goodbyes to the farm.