October 13, 2021

The Arboretum

Before heading home from California, Perry and I spent a few hours wondering around the Arboretum of LA county.

I think there are probably better times of the year when more things are in bloom. But we still found plenty to enjoy.

There were parts that felt like we were walking through jungle. It was quite refreshing.

The rose garden has seen better days, but we found this rose that smelled like lemon! I loved it so much. I’ve never smelled a rose like that and didn’t even know such things existed. I always thought a rose smells like a rose. I guess it does, except for when it smells like a lemon. magical! 

How unique and beautiful! 

I loved these gorgeous flowers, too.

The view of the mountains was pretty enchanting!

The Arboretum was actually quite big and I did not have time to wonder down all of the paths. But I am so glad I turned down this one and ended up on a meditation path. Along the way were various statues and benches. There were quotes to ponder on engraved in the sidewalk and the statues. 

This was one of my favorite spots. I plopped myself right down on that wooden path and took a minute to pray.

When we had been up higher on a different path, I noticed a little spot with a bench. Though I couldn’t access it from where I was, I felt something pulling me to the spot and I yearned to sit there and read awhile. Imagine my delight when the meditation path I happened upon led me to this very spot! And this most wonderful quote.

“I believe the world is incomprehensibly beautiful—an endless prospect of magic and wonder.” -Ansel Adams

There were peacocks roaming all over!

At the end of our visit, we came upon trails that took us through Australia and Africa plant life. I can’t remember which trail we found this at, but I fell in love with its uniqueness (to me) and it’s small vibrant green leaves.

Glad we got this little stop before heading home.