October 26, 2021

September things

I really, really love hiking Flat Iron. It is my favorite local hike. I do wish it was just a tad closer, but waking up early early one morning at the beginning of september was worth it. Even though we definitely went on the trail less traveled/not a trail. We made it and it was beautiful and I can't wait to go again.

That right there in the middle is right where we hiked up to.

A sweet lady took a picture of us coming down and air dropped it to us. So kind of her.

Brinna loves this friend of hers. Apparently that day Elsa Brinna was pregnant with a baby dog (that's what is stuffed down her dress).

We celebrated the 50th birthday of a dear friend and beautiful soul. We paddled at Canyon Lake. And, for the first time in my paddleboarding career, I fell into the water accidentally. I was trying to jump and when I landed on my board I couldn't keep my balance and ungracefully fell. 

Friends who get vaccinated together...

We both were very apprehensive about our second covid vaccines. I sent her a text and told her I was going and 15 min later we were at the grocery store supporting each other through our fears of needles and the upcoming sickness. We could commiserate when we were both extremely sick for the next 48 hours. (For me, It was exactly 12 hours later that I woke up in the night achy and nauseous. I was extremely cold and couldn't stop shivering for over 20 min. I threw up twice that night and spent the next day achy and nauseas and fatigued. It felt like chemo except chemo was worse and lasted much longer. When I started freaking out that I was sick like chemo, Eric had to reassure me that this wouldn't last and that it would be over much faster than chemo. Thank goodness for his calm reassurance)

We were at dinner at a friend's house when Layla was dropping on the trampoline. She fell back and put her hand down to catch herself and broke her little finger.

She ended up in a cast. And it just so happened that her doctor was someone I went to high school with. He was a really great doctor.

We took our boys to an escape room. This one was a competition. We divided into two teams in two adjoining rooms and each tried to escape the room faster than the other team. Kacin and I won, but not by much. Eric and Kyler would argue that they would've won if one of their elements was working properly. Maybe so, but the reality was that Kacin and I got the win.

Kyler and Kacin each went to homecoming. They ended up asking each separate date from different schools pretty much the exact same way. 

But the really really funny thing was that they each were answered in the exact same way, too!! What are the chances?? haha

My mom spent a scary few days in the hospital. So hard to see her there. I'm glad they were able to help with some things though and she was able to come home.