October 16, 2021

Pieces of August

Random happenings in August…

K is a huge fan of bathtime. She loves the water so much. And she especially loved it when Brinn was there to entertain her.

Kyler and I went on another adventure. We looked around at off road vehicles and motorcycles and dreamed of adventures if only we could buy one.

Found this gem on my phone taken by Layla.

All the monsoons this year left my desert SO green! It made for some really pretty early morning hikes.

I need to her back to documenting all the escape rooms we have done—I know we are about at twenty now. But this one was a fun date night adventure. My competitive nature maybe had me taking control at the escape room, but we did break out. But the highlight of the night was probably standing outside the restaurant after we ate brushing our teeth together with the wisp toothbrushes I had in my purse. Ha!

We had a youth trip to the lake. I attempted to get up wake surfing. This was the first time I have ever tried anything like it. Anything. I didn’t do so great, but baby steps and maybe this experience will prepare me for next time.

Another day, another aerial swing performance by my girls. I love these swings so much because they love them so much.