October 15, 2021

just dance

My childhood dream was to be a dancer. 

My soul has always yearned to express itself through movement. Particularly, ballet. 

I believe that childhood dreams are meant to become reality. Even if you are not so much in your childhood anymore. 

What started as a 3 lesson date night Groupon just for kicks, has turned into a 6 month (or maybe more!) journey to become social ballroom dancers.

It is so much fun! We laugh, we are challenged, and we have such a good time. Since this picture, we have both bought our first pairs of real ballroom practice shoes. We are learning the Waltz, Cha-cha, East coast swing, and Foxtrot. We have dabbled in Bachata. And we just have a really great time together each week. I would definitely be on the dance floor more often if I had the time. In just two weeks we will do our first performance at the Fred Estaire dance party. 

Maybe this doesn’t have to do with dance entirely, but Eric and I got to be a part of our church youth group Lip Sync battle. We were producers for a group of youth and chose a song and choreography for the battle. We chose the song “Hair Up” from Trolls. We had wigs for everyone and bright clothes and it was a dance party up on that stage as they performed. We almost walked away with a win, but came in 2nd place instead. Next year we will take it all!

Eric and Laura as producers: 

I should’ve worn this wig when I was bald…