October 17, 2021

breast cancer

I recently learned about this local non-profit that sends out hope baskets to women during their breast cancer journey, Impact One. They are an amazing support and resource to so many women navigating treatments and fighting for life. 

I got to volunteer at an event helping Impact One sort their inventory. I loved having two of my breast cancer angels and fellow survivors there with me.

We talked with the founder of the organization and I am so excited for more opportunities to work with Impact One.

At the beginning of September I had “cancer week.” It is an anxiety inducing week filled with doctors appointments, labs, and scans. I end up having at least one appointment a day. It spilled over into more than a single week. However, I came out of it with such good news. Clean scans and normal lab results! My oncologist even said that we can start meeting every 6 months instead of every 3-4 months. A sense of relief washed over me when the week was over. Every clean scan lifts just a little more weight and I start to believe that I will be ok after all. Maybe I actually did make it through.

I am slightly embarrassed to even share this story. I guess it just proves how stressed and fear filled I get during weeks like this…
A friend invited Brinna over to play. I was happy that the times worked out perfectly for me to drop her off then go get my labs done and then pick her up. I had an appointment to get labs. I dropped Brinna off and discovered that my friend had actually asked if Brinna could come over the following week. We were a week early. Thankfully she was sweet about my mix up and took Brinna in. But she had an appointment to go to that afternoon. I thought for sure I’d be done in time. On my way to get my labs done, a doctors office called. I had been trying to get a hold of them for awhile so I stayed in my car for an extra few minutes so I wouldn’t walk into the lab office talking on the phone. By the time I got off the phone and had baby unloaded and found the office, I was just over 15 min late. I checked in. I waited and waited. Apparently there is a policy that if you are 15 min late they check you in as a walk in and not an appointment. They didn’t tell me that. So after 30 min, I asked how much longer. He told me 20-30 min. So I kept waiting and worrying about the time because I had to get back and pick up my kids. After 30 min, I checked in again. This time I was told another 30 min. My emotions were bursting and I broke down in tears and explained the situation again and that I had to pick kids up, etc etc. I was, admittedly, a mess and desperate for help. Mercifully, a sweet lady overheard my story and came to my rescue. She had an appointment next and told them to let me have her appointment time. She was an angel. I felt equal parts grateful and guilty. But mostly just so appreciative that she would be willing to help me out. We talked until my appointment. I got in and out and was only 15 min late picking Brinn up. I am SO grateful for good people in this world. God sends me angels even when I am a stressed, emotional mess. It helped me remember I am being watched over, we all need each other, and we are not alone.