September 15, 2021

Sunny Summer Preschool Camp

Layla dreamed and talked about and planned for months to hold a preschool class of some sort over the summer. She had a vision. She wanted to earn a little money, but mostly she wanted to plan a class for Lisa’s Our summer was packed full, but we were able to find three days that would work.

She got together with two of her friends and they got to work figuring out a schedule and activities for some fun themed based mornings for a group of kids. They made a flier that I texted out. They were so excited to get about 12 kids registered for their little camp. They charged $15 for the three mornings.

As everyone gathered they had toys and activities out on the table and floor. Then they transitioned to a group meeting. They passed out stuffed animals for each person to hold. They introduced a theme (ocean, bugs, and farm). They sang songs, performed a puppet show, and read a book.

Then they rotated between 4 stations. Each girl led a group of 4 kids from station to station. There was a snack, gymnastics/movement, art, and group game.

Then they’d gather all of the kids to read books together.

They’d end the day with a group game or activity, like  the parachute.

Those girls did a great job planning and caring for these kids for those three days. They learned a lot about working with different kids and the hard work of having a business. But they loved it. I’m so glad they did it! I know they are planning to do it again next year!