September 13, 2021

Pieces of June

Brinna has the best imagination. I think I love it so much because I can relate to that part of her—my childhood is memory after memory of the things we would pretend play and imagine up. This particular day she was using a calculator as a phone and doing her “work.”

This one just caught me off guard though. She walked in with this toy storm trooper in a ziploc bag and announced “Mr. Poopy Butt Jedi is in trouble.” I don’t know anymore than that.

Baby girl became a pro at sitting in her bumbo seat at this time.

Some days I have an extra baby in the house who likes all the baby things. 

Another time I came out of the shower and found her in my bed all cozy eating chips.

About this time is when baby started loving her car seat toys. She would often reach for this toy and cling to it. She fell asleep with her two small fingers clutching it. 

Brinn loves helping Layla with the chickens. Occasionally she will go out by herself to feed the chickens. Though when she does that I’m never sure how long she will be gone with them or if the chickens will be released somehow. But I’m glad she’s learning how to care for them. It makes her feels so grown up to me.

Sweet sisters.

E and I got to go on a fun date night to a Johnson Files show. There are only a couple of people that I follow on Instagram that I do not know and Shawn Johnson is one of them. I loved their show.

Baby girl started rolling!

We sent Kyler off on an incredible, life changing trip to the Dominican Republic. We missed him so much but so glad he could go. This was our last time to talk before he got on the plane and they took his phone away for two weeks.

And that’s a wrap on the small things of June 2021.