September 21, 2021

pieces of July

*July 2021

Most of July in one spot. Here we go:

Baby girl took her first full dip in the pool and loved it. 

We facetimed daddy from the pool so he could experience this first with us, even if he had to be at work.

Thus began a summer full of backyard swimming with my little girls.

Brinn had two months of swim lessons with the most amazing swim instructor ever. We love Ms. Kim!

Layla took some lessons from Ms. Kim, too and continued with swim team.

The girls asked for mermaid tails for their birthdays. They are now two happy mermaids who have spent so much time in the water.

Perry is such an amazing big brother. So tender and loves to play his "Baby Cutes."

If Brinna ever disappears for a few minutes, it's usually to wake K up to play with her in her crib.

Our friend opened up this amazing obstacle course on lake pleasant. 

We had so much fun the first time that we went back the next week with more friends.

We drove up to Prescott area to help Grandma and Grandpa get settled into their new house. The kids gave Grandma a detailed tour of her new backyard after they had spent the day exploring and playing outside.

They finished the tour with a beautiful rock surprise.

Kacin helped to create a very welcoming environment as well.

Brinn loves with all her heart. So grateful for these rare, special moments with grandparents.

I got out to the river with a dear friend. So glad we saw some horses that morning.

Brinn spotted my wig in my closet and asked what it was. I sometimes forget how little she was when I went through cancer. She won't have memories of my bald head. I told her in a child simple way about cancer and my wig. She was delighted to put my hair on for awhile.

I thought Eric was at work in our room, but it was Brinn who had taken his headset and tried to get some things done for him. I love her helpful nature.

Kyler and I had every intention to start some weekly Senior adventures. We made a list of things in the area to visit and do. It has been an ultimate fail. Our schedules get too busy and don't always (or ever!) line up for an outing. I need to revisit our plan and come up with a new one. I love the couple of times we have snuck away even if for just a few minutes after a doctor's appointment.

Brinn started the Let's Play Music program. She loves it so much. I'm glad it's worked out so well to do this with her.

Look who started eating solid foods! She's a champ at eating.

Brinns started preschool. 

She just has such a BIG personality.

I just can't with her. I adore her too much. Thank goodness for patient teachers in her life. Haha.

We spent a beautiful morning introducing Jodee to the river. 

Eric and I went out to see Ryan Hamilton with a group of friends. Love going somewhere where we can’t stop laughing.

I think that's a wrap on July.