September 26, 2021

Perry’s trip

We have a tradition to take of each of our children on a one-on-one trip when they are 10 years old. Unfortunately, because of covid, we never got Perry's trip to work out when he was ten. But the night before his 11th birthday I looked at our calendar and let's do it!

Right after school on his 11th birthday, we had our quick family birthday celebration and then Perry and I hopped in the car and drove to California to go to Universal Studios.

We were both so thrilled to have this time together. I was so excited to show him Harry Potter land!

He has listened to all the Harry Potter books over and over again so it was so fun to show him all the details of this incredible place. To immerse in the world of Harry Potter for a few hours.

We rode all of the rides at universal studios 2 or 3 times.

It was so cool to take him into Ollivander's.

He was the one chosen for the wand fitting! It was pretty amazing to see him up there. He even knew one of the spells before she even told him what to say--he just needed a minor correction.

The right wand chose him!

Unfortunately, he did not choose the wand though. He wanted to scope out all the whole park before settling on his one souvinor.

He chose a transformer stuffie. Perfect for him.

We got lunch and Butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks. Man, writing this is making me crave a frozen Butterbeer!

He loved the Jurassic park ride.

A little dancing with the minions...yeah, Perry just stared at me.

A highlight of the trip was the Transformers ride! He even got to meet Bumblebee.

He was mad at first that the doughnut was pink. But he changed his mind after the first bite. Those doughnuts are actually SO good!

I am so grateful to parks for providing a disability pass. We would not be able to get out like this if we couldn't bring the wheelchair and use their wait system. I am so grateful. 

Had a lovely day with my boy! His "ten" year old trip was perfect.