September 13, 2021

Layla is TEN

This sweet girl has hit double digits!

She is loved and adored by all of us, but I do think her number one fan is little Brinna.

We started her big day with pancakes, including my attempt at an L-shaped pancake.

She opened up all her presents right away since we had a busy day ahead of us. She felt so loved when Kyler found a way to send a message to her all the way from the D.R.

We spent the day at Sunsplash with some of her friends.

Waiting for the water drop…

I love being Layla’s mom with all my heart. She is such a special girl.

After hours of water slides and a wave pool, we headed out for a birthday treat.

Her favorite place for a treat is Bahama Bucks.

I love this sweet, shy, and embarrassed face when we sang to her.

Layla is a sweet, confident, sensitive, loving, thoughtful, bright, creative, inclusive, imaginative, big hearted little girl. We love her so much!!

Happy 10th birthday, Layla Belle!