September 7, 2021

June performances and accomplishments

June was filled with two little girls competing, performing on stage, and creating. 

Layla found a little thrill in the ribbons she earned at her swim and dive meets each week.

She got nervous to do her flip dive and so went with the "watermelon" dive instead.

Layla also did a week of beginning sewing classes in the neighborhood. She followed that up with two workshops to create pillows and a lunch box. She loves sewing now.

Layla had a little piano recital at our house in front of a small audience of her adoring fans. We loved her piano teacher this year!

We got quite the treat when Brinna chose to play us her song, too. 

Layla and Brinna both performed on the big stage for their dance classes.

Layla grew a lot by taking these classes this year. She developed in grace and confidence. So proud of her!

Brinna spent half of the year telling her teacher she was only go to tap and not do ballet. And she stuck to her word for most of the year.

Thankfully her number on the stage was a tap dance. So she was willing to perform. You just never know what you will get with Brinna. She was actually doing great during the performance--tapping, bopping, and rolling her hands on cue. Everyone stepped to the right for a little dance move. They were supposed to return to their designated spots on the stage. However, a little boy in her class got confused and went back to Brinna's spot instead of his own. That didn't go over so well with Brinna. She stared at him in disbelief. She put her hands on her hips. She folded her arms and pouted. He still did not move. So she didn't either. She stayed there mad for the rest of the show. And oh man did she tell us all about the injustice of this boy taking her spot after the show!

Still mad about it all. We were so glad to have jacqui and macie come and watch the girls!

Our friend organized an amazing garage theater and Layla got the part of the Witch in Into the Woods. It was an incredible show! The kids (and dear Mandi) worked tirelessly for three weeks to create back drops and practice songs and it was such a great show. Layla's confidence sky rocketed and her love of theater grew exponentially because of amazing Mandi and such kind, supportive kids.

Layla's witch faces were spectacular!

The performance definitely deserved some treats at Jeremiah's.

Layla and Brinna both spent a week of mornings at a Frozen camp. Little Brinn was not feeling it on performance day and just bawled. 

So we snuggled while her friends sang.

Layla was not shy during her performance.

June was clearly a very busy, theater heavy month. I'm glad they could participate in so many things and develop their little talents.