September 22, 2021

Brinna is 4

Happy birthday to the spunkiest, big hearted four year old out there!

She has perfected the art of the wink. She spent her birthday week winking at me left and right.

Four years old is such a magical age--she soaks everything in, imagines like crazy, is curious about everything, and is developing her independence.

I apologize. I just have too many pictures of this munchkin. She is such a ham!

Four years, four fingers.

We decided on a Pinkalicious party for her. (similar to a party I threw for Layla when she was 3 or 4).

Seeing her sit at the table like that makes me think about she is such a big personality in such a petite little body. 

She is a real life pinkalicious--a cupcake snatcher. Her sweet tooth takes over.

I'm not kidding about the sweet tooth. I made cupcakes the day before. While they were cooling and before I had frosted them she had gotten to at least six of them. I found the remains of three on the stairs. Oh dear. 

At her little party, we girls made crowns and then we gave them pink tutus to wear.

We played pop the balloon. I hung up six balloons and each balloon had a piece of paper inside. The girls each got to pop a balloon and then everyone did what was written on the balloon. There were things like play ring around the rosies, act like a dog, sing "I'm a little teapot", etc. 

Sweet girls!

At the end of our game, Brinna got to pop a special balloon above her head. It was filled with birthday confetti.

We played in the loft for awhile.

Then sung to the birthday girl.

We passed out a pink feast--pink wafers, pink goldfish, pink lemonade, and pink cupcakes.

We made pink slime to play with. And then ended the day with some dancing. 

On Brinna's actual birthday, she blew out candles on leftover birthday party treats.

See, I told you I have too many pictures of her because I can't get enough of her facial expressions.

Another winking picture. I actually can't wink so she's my hero.

We gave her presents. Layla put extra effort into a present with lots of little presents for her bestie sister.

Happy 4th birthday, sweet girl!!