August 14, 2021


*April and May

I don’t think I’ve been very good at posting any high school dance pictures on here. ever. 

But Kyler went to FOUR proms and Kacin went to one so even if I don’t get the professional pictures on here, or even a picture from each of Kyler’s proms, at least there is something. 

Because school sponsored dances were canceled, people in the community hosted different proms all over the valley. That’s why Kyler went to four of them (and he wanted to make sure lots of girls got to go to prom) and Kacin went to one as a Sophomore.

Seeing Kacin put on a suit made me so emotional. My little boy didn't look so little anymore. I can't decide if I want time to slow down or stop or if I'm just so glad to be his mom and see the man he is becoming. Being a mom is complicated.

Kacin's group had dinner at our house. It was fun to see everyone all dressed up.

I think these pictures are from Kyler's second prom.  

I got to help out at the beautiful prom.

This chateaux would be the perfect location for a how to host a murder party. Just sayin'.

Kacin was the one that gave me the tour around the house, but Kyler was sweet enough to take a picture with me before he left with his friends. It's not weird to see your mom at prom, is it?

I think it was Kyler's third prom that we hosted dinner for.

I'm glad these guys could have fun and dress up for a night (...or in some cases, four).