August 25, 2021

mother’s day

*May 9

I find so much joy in my life in mothering. To nurture, guide, love unconditionally, teach, and grow such unique souls on a daily basis is the most incredible and challenging experience.

It sure pays off on Mother’s Day. 

I came home from Sedona to chalk art in our driveway.

At church, the primary kids came in to sing to the women in the gym. My little Brinn stole the show right in the front with her animated singing and her dancing. 

The kids spoiled me with gifts and notes.

I love reflecting on and appreciating motherhood on this day each year. I had to fight to bring children into my home in a unique wonderful way after years of infertility. I had to fight breast cancer to stay on this earth so I could continue to be their mom right now. I don’t take a single day for granted that I get to mother these kids. 

I believe strongly that motherhood is far more than caring for those that we give birth to—we mother whenever we are nurturing, guiding, and teaching. We mother when we give advice to friends, teach a lesson at church, smile at someone in the grocery store, drop off flowers to a neighbor, or listen to someone talk about their day. Mothering is unconditional love and compassion. What a beautiful role motherhood is!