August 1, 2021

July 24th

We found a great place to celebrate the 24th of July. Yeah it’s true that Pioneer Day has never made made it on our calendar before, but a chance to go to a rodeo and parade in small town America in the mountains meant that it didn’t even matter what we were celebrating. Though pioneers are a pretty good reason.

We started our road trip with a stop at the Burger House in Globe. 

We got stuck for awhile on the road because a truck drove off the side into the canyon. It was so sad and sobering. We saw the medical helicopter flying away before they let us by. I said a little prayer.

Saturday morning was the small town parade.

Our kids discovered the joys of parade candy and frisbees being thrown their way. By kids I mean teenagers, too.

Fire truck water to end the parade.

We headed to the food trucks, car show, and outdoor boutique.

It was stormy all weekend and as we drove to Taylor for the rodeo the rain was pouring down. It was super intense and I questioned our decision to drive to attend a rodeo, with little kids, in the rain. I was telling Eric “Nope, not us. We are not sitting in this.” However, as soon as we parked at the rodeo, the rain miraculously stopped. A Pioneer Day miracle!

But it was a muddy mess down there. A beautiful muddy mess.

Baby girl enjoyed her first rodeo, too.

They called the kids down for the calf chase. Without hesitation Layla jumped up and started booking it down there. Her two friends started down after her. Right into that deep mucky mess. No hesitation.

That’s Layla in the light pink long sleeve. You can’t tell but the mud was so deep that her boots got stuck. She abandoned her shoes. Again, no hesitation. 

Perry wanted in on the action. Despite our attempts at persuasion to keep him dry and clean, he went down there and plopped right into the mud.

They were filthy when it was over. I’m not sure if they regretted it, but as much as we tried to clean them up, they weren’t exactly comfortable the rest of the night.

Brinna was asleep in Eric’s arms and baby was asleep in mine, but we stayed til the end for a beautiful fireworks show. 

It made me get that America feeling—proud to be an American, grateful for freedom and for people who bravely came before us and protect our freedoms, and happy to be right there with my family close.