August 10, 2021

go back to what you know

There are so many things in life that I do not know. 

I do not know how long someone will be in my life or if my cancer will come back. I do not have all the answers about why some things happen for some people and not for others (fertility vs. infertility). I do not know everything about God or heaven. Actually the list of things I do not know is quite extensive! 

The unknown can feel scary and overwhelming. Maybe even confusing.

A little fear has been creeping into my life lately. I'm waiting for results for my most recent mri. We have a big court hearing coming up.

So I've been practicing shifting my thoughts from questions and worry about the unknown and what I can't control to focus on what I do know.

I do know that choosing to trust God and let Him take care of me brings me much more peace and strength than doubting.

I do know that I am not alone.

I do know that I have the ability, capacity, and the courage to face whatever is thrown at me in life.

I do know that I live in a beautiful world with so much opportunity.

I do know that I have a purpose to my life. I have a mission.

I do know that God gives me inspiration and revelation and help whenever I ask and seek it.

There is so much that I know.

Focus on today, right here, right now and what I do know.