August 4, 2021

back to preschool

Brinna is back at preschool! She returned to the same school that she finished at last year.

Of course, when we started this back to school phot shoot she insisted that she starts with her "creepy face."

And then comes the wink. She has perfected her wink these last few weeks. 

To know Brinna is to love her. She has the biggest personality. She is definitely equal parts sweet and sass. 

She loves to imagine, tell stories, sing, laugh, joke, explore the world, learn new things, and play with everyone. She is definitely the most friendly little girl I have ever met. 

She picked out her dress for the first day of school. Something that twirls.

My prediction is that with this personality, she was definitely made for the stage. I can't wait to see where this little light ends up in 20 years.

I walked her into the classroom on the first day, but there were so many people in that room that this is where she chose to take a last picture and say a goodbye. She's quite independent so no tears for this little girl.

Yay for another year of preschool!