August 14, 2021

baby girl, three months and four, five, and six

*each month since end of April 

It’s so interesting to go back and see these monthly photos of baby girl. Change happens so slowly and you don’t ever notice it day by day. But looking at these you can see how much she is growing. 

Sweet baby girl at three months old…

Then four…she started rolling front to back and back to front. She started tolerating and enjoying bath time. She smiles all the time.

Five months…we declare her the best baby of all time. Happy, easygoing, playful, engaged, good eater and sleeper and on a solid schedule.

And now at six months she is 14 pounds, 11 oz. She’s a champ at eating as we’ve been introducing solid foods. She grabs at everything. We love making her laugh. And she will imitate noises we make at her. 

Love this baby girl.