July 11, 2021

summer paddleboarding

I haven’t been out on the river nearly as much as I did last summer, but I have almost averaged once a week since summer started. I don’t always take pictures, but I’m glad for the times that I do. 

One of the first runs on the river was with my sister, Stef, and her family.

We had some kids on kayaks and two people to each paddleboard. Perry insisted on being in his own kayak the entire time. It’s so good for him to be independent. So proud of him for that. We also had to stay on guard. He was doing so well and then halfway through he hit a tree on the edge and panicked and fell out of the kayak. Eric and Kyler went to help him in their kayak, but Layla also tried to turn her kayak around to help. When she did that, she toppled out of her kayak. An oar was lost. It was a few moments of crazy, but everyone was just fine and Eric, Kyler, and Kacin were able to get them both back in their kayaks while I kept Brinna safe with me. We caught the oar upstream and all was well.

I think I have the same picture of me and Brinna just like this from last summer. Same swimsuit and same life jacket, too. Ha!

I’ve been out 3-4 times with these ladies. We have a good rhythm when we go and we paddle our entire route so we can get back to kids and work. It works out great.

Eric and I took these three out over the 4th of July weekend.

We only took the paddle boards this time and everyone did great.

We found a water gun floating along by itself along the way. Kacin made sure to soak us with it. So Layla tried to get him back.

He just got us back with his paddle.

I’m glad we ended up getting more paddleboards so we can go out together. 

The river fills me with so much peace.