July 10, 2021


Monsoon season in Arizona is majestic and thrilling. 

Arizonans crave water. And when the first storm came a few weeks ago we were so excited we rushed outside to play in the rain.

Brinna saw her brothers take their shirts off and had to follow suit.

When the rain stopped and brothers went inside, Brinna stayed out awhile longer to jump in the puddles and play in the water draining down from the roof. 

She found a little shower to play in to catch the water in her hands and let the drops roll down her head.

Arizona summer showers are pretty great for us desert folk.

That first rain was pretty mild. We have had a few storms since then.

But the storm last night was the biggest I have seen in who knows when!

We peeked outside to see the wind blow the trees and the lightening crash across the sky. And then we saw our trampoline literally tumbling through our entire yard rolling towards our chicken coop! It hit our small bridge and destroyed it and landed on our big rocks. Eric rushed outside to stop it from doing more damage. I stayed inside with Perry worried that he was going to blow away himself or get struck by lightening!

We kept hearing a banging in our house. After checking on all of the sleeping girls safe in their rooms, Perry and I went downstairs. We finally realized the banging was coming from our game room. The French doors had blown in from the wind and were banging open. The whole room was filled with leaves and dirt and debris. We secured the door and and got the room cleaned up. 

This morning, as we drove to Layla’s dive meet, we saw tree after tree blown down from the wind. Two trampolines even ended up in the wash behind our house. 

I was so grateful that, when all is said and done, the aftermath of the storm was pretty minor and that we had a safe, strong house to protect us from the elements. 

I hope we continue to get many more monsoons this summer!