July 5, 2021

happy Independence Day, America

I love this country I get to live in. I believe in it. I have hope in democracy and the constitution and good, diverse people who rise up and work hard and rely on God. I am so grateful for my liberty and freedom and rights. I’m grateful to raise my family in the USA.

We are missing Kyler something fierce while he is adventuring in the Dominican Republic.
But then there’s Brinna’s face here.

So yeah.

I think you can measure my level of exhaustion by the fact that I am content with family pictures like these and move on.

After attending church in a skeleton congregation, the Vanegas joined us for food, a swim, and fireworks in the neighborhood.

We are so lucky to be so close to the big park in Gilbert so we could watch the city fireworks show without leaving our subdivision. 

Happy 4th of July!!