June 14, 2021

Texas, part 2

I think I learned a lot about friendship on this trip to Texas. Good friends help lift you up, share in your challenges, find you food when you are hungry, and jump over barriers to get closer pictures with you. That's the kind of friendship I found in these guys.

We got our own private room in this restaurant. Banana pudding for dessert--yum! 

Amy gave Anna a good spit shoe shine.

And we made a cowboy friend.
Who was a little creepy.

Some pretty places around our lunch area.

Then we made it to the Stockyards.

We love Texas.

We went to the rodeo at the Stockyard's, too. That was such a highlight of the weekend!

It gave me all the America feels to see her riding her horse and waving her flag as they played "God Bless the USA."

And I found my dream article of clothing that evening. Fashion!

We spent our last day talking around the house and eating Mexican food for lunch. It was seriously one of the best vacations--so many deep conversations, light hearted jokes, and silly pictures. It was just what I needed. I hope we plan another trip soon.

I love Texas. (Too bad none of us caught that my S was backwards. hahaha)