June 14, 2021

Texas, part 1

My friend invited me along on a girls trip to Texas.

She's the one on the left, in case you weren't sure.

We flew to Dallas on a Thursday night in April. Yes, April was two months ago. Yet here we are.

We were greeted at the airport by orange statues. So we did what any sane person would do. We found statues to mimic and took pictures.

Some of us were really good at this.

Unless someone else directed them to smile with no lips. Hmm..

Oh wait, no teeth! Lips ok, teeth no.

We became fast friends with Annaleesa's former college roommate. Love getting to know her and how she opened up her home to us.

She introduced us to Little Czech bakery. It's located in a gas station. 

But it's a gem of a bakery.

So yummy.

We spent our first full day in Waco!

Sad to say no die hard fans in our group, but a few of us had seen a couple of episodes. That's it. No matter! It was a beautiful place and so fun to be there anyway.

There were just so many beautiful spots and details.

We waited in line in the rain to go into the bakery.

We got a box of yummy cupcakes.

It was Jo's birthday weekend so everything was on sale. So we did a little extra shopping in the main shops.

Even I had full bags. I'm a sucker for a sale.

Those cupcakes!

I think we explored every inch of that place. The garden area was lovely.

We went into the pretty little chapel.

We convinced Erin to sing for us. She sang a beautiful song that filled the chapel!

I liked this corner of the children's store.

We left for awhile to make it to our reservation at Magnolia table. 

Maybe I was just hungry from all that shopping, but my meal was SO good.

On our way back to Magnolia we stopped to take some pictures. And this is where we made ourselves quite the spectacle trying to get a good jumping picture.

We did so good that we convinced two other groups of people there to take jumping pictures or silly shots. Hahaha.

There were so many pretty places we couldn't stop taking pictures.

Or jumping.

But I really knew I loved these ladies when they were all game to attempt some cartwheels together on the lawn. Our friendship was cemented in that moment.

I hurt my lower back before this trip and I was still in so much pain that mid cartwheel attempt I knew it was a mistake for me and I went to my knees.

Then there was Anna rolling across the grass.

Because we didn't embarrass ourselves enough doing cartwheels, we went for a couple of running leap high fives. 

I bet you can imagine how that went. 

But after a few attempts! We are just this cool.

Sums it up.

We missed going inside the original shop by just a few minutes.

We thought we were on a roll with all of our creative picture taking. Ha, definitely didn't execute this one. We were just tired. That's it.

So we stopped at sonic for a pick me up drink.

That night we had the real deal Texas BBQ experience for dinner.

Give me all the meat!

Ha, really I only took pictures to show Eric who would've appreciated the whole experience way more than I did.

We stayed up way too late talking and I felt so grateful for these ladies in my life!