June 13, 2021

sand and sun

Two posts in one day? It feels surreal to have time like this.

We had a nice little set up in the afternoon--the pack n play under the umbrella, a rocking camp chair, a cooler of cold water, plenty of sand toys, a couple of boogie boards, and all the sand and sun and ocean waves we could ever want in an afternoon. I sat there feeding K her bottle while watching this.

Lest you think we are living some fantasy life, here's a little bit of real life, too. Our airbnb has a horrible ant issue. Our van won't start. There's too much teasing and Perry's had some rough moments of yelling at us all. 

But life is what you choose to see, and I like seeing the yummy snacks and the games of war we played and the moments of laughter all together and Perry helping me to prepare lunch and my strong teens carrying beach gear and helping teach their sister to boogie board and a dad throwing a football to his sons.

Before we went to the beach, Perry took his sketch pad and drew out an elaborate plan of what he was going make in the sand. His plan included a moat and a spot for his sunglasses. Once we got to the beach, he spent over two hours working away. I proudly got to help him build the moat (not pictured).

Layla was all over the beach gathering sea shells, climbing on rocks, boogie boarding, and running away from waves with me and Brinn.

We took some time after dinner to watch America's Got Talent as a family. Brinn performed for us, too, by twirling around the room.

Before putting the kids to bed, Eric and I biked the girls down to the park. Maybe we are living a fantasy life?