June 13, 2021

Newport arrival

It was 7:50am and I was still in bed. 
Cool California air was blowing through our window. 
Thank you, Newport Beach, for giving me the gift to sleep in past 7am and feel cool air for a week.
And I get to spend all this uninterrupted, relaxed time with these people. My people. 

We pulled in to Newport and got everything unloaded into the house and walked two minutes to see this view. Amazing!

K’s first visit to the beach. I think she was content with her new surroundings. 

We brought my new bucket bike so I could load up the kids and ride around. It’s a form of heaven to ride a bike along the beach. Especially with these cuties behind me and beside me (thanks for the pics, Layla).

I am excited for some quality time with my people and some down time to (hopefully) catch up on my writing and blogging and reading. And lots of time to enjoy these views.