May 2, 2021

your majesty

Today was my second week back with in person church. 
It is nice to resume some normalcy again by attending church meetings. We have missed many things about in person church. It is especially nice to have our younger kids attend primary again.
Brinna is a Sunbeam now. She pretty much missed all of her nursery career and has jumped right in to sunbeams. 
Brinna’s our wild child, and church is no exception. I like to think that her behavior during sacrament meeting is improving the more we go. But I think I might be exaggerating a bit. She talks and tries to wander away and demands we draw her mermaids.
After church we debated which Brinna quote was our favorite. It was a tough one today. There were many choices.
When Bishop started talking saying “that’s my friend Bishop.”
Announcing “my butt itches”.
Randomly poking the girl in front of us.
And so on.
My favorite, though, was when she dropped something accidentally. She picked it up and handed it to me while saying, “I’m sorry, your majesty.” 
Maybe I was mistaken—that sounds like a well trained child to me, not a wild one. 

Back at home, she still loves her dragon costume.
(Poor girl got a purple eye from falling on a chair in Layla’s room.)

Brinna has an obsession with deodorant. She steals mine all the time!! I went on vacation and when I came home I told her that I had a present for her. We opened my suitcase and when she saw my deodorant there she started squealing with delight, thinking that was her present. It wasn’t. Just a couple days ago I found her hiding in a corner in my room with both mine and Eric’s deodorant. Haha

How boring life would be if we didn’t have Brinna in it.