May 3, 2021

These days

Sorry, this blog is going to feel a little bit Brinna heavy for a few moments. Her antics and adventures are just more publicly documentable than my other kids. 

Brinn loves cooking in the kitchen. I needed to keep her occupied for a few minutes so I gave her a pitcher of water and an old bottle of crushed red peppers. I just needed a few minutes of entertainment for her but the little girl was in heaven and actually spent ten times as long then I thought she would.

Brinn participated in a bike a thon at her school. How cute was she riding around the circle!

Layla was her helper whenever she needed it.

My favorite moment was when she gave me a thumbs up and told "I've got this, mom."

Shaving cream baths and showers are still one of our favorite activities.

And Perry jumped in with his clothes on, too.

She found a blue marker. It was on the bottom of her feet, the palms of her hands, and even her back.

Kyler had to get braces back on his bottom teeth.

Layla wrote an "All About Chickens" book for homeschool writing so we took this picture (and many other pictures of the chickens) for her book.

Perry is thrilled to be back on the baseball field! He LOVES playing baseball. The Challenger program is SO amazing!

We all made it to his first game. After that, we divide and conquer and mix it up who can get there with him Saturday mornings. But I'm glad we could all support him as a family for that first game, at least.

He even does a little bit of coach pitch.

After a youth general conference breakfast, these boys took the leftover orange juice and chugged it. It was disgusting really.

Kyler finished his first. And within 5 minutes was vomiting in the bathroom. Brock finished, but I heard he slept for hours afterwards. Kacin got most of it down, but then started puking and so called it quits.

Funny thing is, they all drank orange juice for breakfast the next day. I don't know how they did it. 

We participated in a game show audition. I can say that here because we didn't get picked. But it was a fun experience to do the interview over zoom.

And it gave us a chance to do a little childhood reminiscing...

After MONTHS. And I mean MONTHS. since our gas leak and the whole nightmarish debacle. We got our hot tub and pool fixed. The yard still needs to be put back together, but we were finally able to get in the water.

Pretty sunset that night!

For a YM/YW activity there was a Dad Joke battle. Fun to see my boys make it far in the competition.

And go against each other.

Kacin had an off season wrestling tournament. He won 2 of his 3 matches.

Our backyard view of Arizona sunsets takes my breath away!! I do not take this beauty for granted.

We went out on a date night to the Hale Theater. We grabbed dinner first and then headed to the show. (We missed getting the other couple who came with us in the picture).

It was so incredible to see friends from high school performing. They are super talented. And I have so many fond memories of hanging out with Marshall so it was fun to see him again.

I will finish this catch up post with this pretty picture of Perry boy. We went on a lovely walk together one evening at sunset. It was perfect weather and I it made me happy to be alive in Arizona.