May 23, 2021



Eight people gathered at the top of the stairs. All different feelings about pausing there. Some may call it torture to take a minute together as a family before bounding downstairs to see the treats and treasures that the easter bunny brought, but I call it centering on the most important thing first and an exercise in self control. We watched a short video about Jesus Christ then set the kids loose to find their baskets.

Two days before Easter, Perry told me that he wished for the Easter bunny to bring him a Harry Potter wand. And he knew that the Easter bunny would bring it because he knew the Easter bunny loved him so much. I’m glad Perry expressed this wish of his heart to me so I could witness the Easter bunny making dreams come true. Perry IS so loved.

I think her favorite thing was the toothbrushes.

Perry really was delighted by his wand. And Brinn was  actually just happy about everything.

Easter egg hunt!

This was the first year celebrating Easter in this house and our new backyard space made for a challenging hunt. In fact, just last week I found two eggs out there that we didn’t collect. Some kids only wanted the candy eggs, some only wanted the money eggs, and everyone wanted a golden egg.

The cutest little bunny. She had just moved up to 0-3 month clothes in time to wear this.

We had a little first Easter photo shoot.

I had the kids help me divide the eggs up by color. How pretty is this!!

Cousins came over for a second egg hunt and some prizes.

Easter 2021 family photo. 

We loved spending the evening at our friends house for dinner and an impromptu swim night.

More baby bunny pictures.

Layla made this cute card to finish off this celebration.

Because Jesus Christ lives, I get to have all of these happy, chaotic joyous moments with my family.