April 27, 2021

you are important

Brinna climbed into my bed just before 6:30am.
She snuggled up close to me, awaking me from my sleep.
"I have all my stuff I need," she explained.
Her stuffed puppy dog, a book, and one single minnie mouse high heel dress up shoe.
Truly, what more does a girl need?

I read a book for book club recently called "Anxious People" by Fredrik Backman. While the book as a whole was just okay, in my opinion, there were gems of wisdom sprinkled through out and I loved that about the book. 

"Have you ever held a three-year old by the hand on the way home from preschool?"
"You're never more important than you are then."

I agree.
Being mom to this 3 year old makes me believe that I am more than I am.
Her trusting eyes and her big, loving heart remind me that I am worth something. 
I am needed.

Being mom is one of the most important things that I get to do right now. 
I fought for this role. I love this role.
Yet I make so many mistakes.
Somedays I feel like a complete failure. 
And I know my kids will need countless hours of therapy because of me.
But I promise you this,
I will never stop trying.
I will always show up for them.
I will keep learning and loving and trying to do my best by them.

Because I hope they feel that they are each important to me.

We need each other.