April 30, 2021

spring break

Since we are now just ONE MONTH away from the end of the school year, it’s about time to document our spring break. 

We mostly stayed home and enjoyed being home and getting some spring cleaning done.
BUT we also spent two nights with our kids up north.

We stopped in Sedona at Red Rock State Park and went on some short trails in the area.
And we saw a grand tree.

What is your first thought when you see a tree? 
I dare say that the majority of us wonder, "hmm, can I climb that?"

This tree was especially worthy of climbing. So the kids all clambered up it.

There was more fear to come down then to go up, as is usually the case.

Everyone had some helping hands though.

Layla did not want to leave until she had made it to the top her self.

We pushed Perry in the wheelchair as far as we could on the trail and then stashed it behind some bushes as we carried on. 

Perry was happy to walk when he got to carry his own walking staff.

Brinn spent all of her walking time picking up rocks and dirt.

We wrestled Brinn into a hiking backpack so we could pick up the pace for awhile.

We found a pretty view of Cathedral rock.

We split up and took two trails back to the car. One of our kids needed some extra motivation. And nothing motivates better than a race. My group may not have won, but we saw some more classic Sedona pretty views.

We drove through the rest of Sedona on our way to Flagstaff. There was so much traffic. But i didn't mind the traffic with views like this!

Gorgeous Sedona. I made a vow right then to come back right away.

We got settled in our airbnb in Flagstaff and then spent and evening with our friends who were staying in a cabin just a few minutes away. The kids were in heaven in the movie theater room.

It never snowed us but there was snow on the ground at our airbnb so the kids spent a morning running through the snow. I think this was Brinna's first real snow experience.

I was cozy inside watching the view through the window of three happy children exploring.

We drove up to the Grand Canyon. We spent most of the time walking around the top and taking in the views.

Oh yeah, and we also spent a majority of the time fighting over the binoculars. That was fun, too. (I love them but insert eye roll here).

I love Brinn's classic "hooray" arms.

Perry waited patiently for his turn to pose on this rock. I'm glad he did. 

This three ventured down Bright Angel with me.

Unfortunately, some of our shoes and zero traction and with the ice on so much of the trail, we didn't make it very far.

Kacin slipped a few times and we decided that it was not his day to tumble of the side of the grand canyon so we headed back up. With the promise that we would return soon.

I still can't beleive that Eric and I hiked all of that way. And we have plans to do it again!

This girl is excited to train a bit and come back with me.

Brinn had fun with dad at the top of the canyon, but she wanted to do some hiking, too.

So my girls walked with me back down Bright Angel to the first tunnel.

Brinn was satisfied with her hike.

We did one more jaunt along the ridgeline.

I think K loved being at the Grand Canyon, too. I'm sure she had been anticipating the moment the entire 6 weeks of her life.

I'm glad we got to take our kids there!

We spent the rest of the time in Flagstaff playing games and resting.

And collecting natures treasures.

We left Flagstaff and made a visit to Bearizona.

It was our first time being there and it was the perfect size for our little family.

Perry loved carrying the map and made sure we saw all of the animals.


And then the real fun came on our driving tour.

Ok, nothing compares to Olympic Game Farm in Washington, but this was the next best thing.

Bears and wolves and bison...two thumbs up.

Until this guy started running towards our car!

I might have freaked out a little and slammed on the gas. Ha! We were all fine and no bears were injured by my spastic behavior.

So many pictures for such a short trip! Haha.
I did learn that traveling with so many kids is just that--a trip with kids. Not much of a vacation for me and Eric to plan and feed and wake up in the night with a baby and get people to sleep in unfamiliar beds. But it was worth it all to get away together.