April 18, 2021

baby girl, one month and two

The first month of her life was filled with all the snuggles from all the people. She settled into a beautiful 3 hour routine and slowly filled in those newborn sized clothes.

Her first Sunday at church, Perry was playing with my phone and I found these pictures.

It took Perry a few weeks but he soon discovered the joys of holding a baby.

Baby girl had to do some heart testing. Results came back and all is well!

This was the first night she started cooing at us! Adorable baby talk.

Her biggest fan and greatest teacher. Brinna lay there on her tummy and showed her how to lift her head up high. 

First fancy wedding.

Kacin is amazing with her! He loves to hold her and watch her. He is a natural.

Many times I would catch her with her little fingers intertwined like this.

And then in a blink she was two months!

At two months, she moved into 0-3 month clothes, size 1 diapers, and magically started sleeping through the night.

She loves to play and smiles so big at us!

And that’s two months.