March 22, 2021


It was a season unlike any other! You can say that about most things these days. We human beings love tradition and routine and the familiar, but we really are quite good at adapting and growing. 

So while this season looked different than wrestling seasons of recent years, these boys took it in stride and overcame all obstacles and became stronger than ever before. 

That strength came from hard work. And that hard work left them exhausted on my floor many days.

Now imagine puddles of sweat when they stood up.

It totally paid off though! Kyler came out of the season 10-2 and Kacin at 10-3. Incredible!!

The hardest thing about the season for me was not being able to attend the matches. With the Covid rules, you could only go to home games and no siblings could attend and that made it darn near impossible for me to get there. We did get to use FaceTime and streaming devices to watch a lot of the matches though.

The hardest thing was watching Kyler wrestle from our phones and see his elbow get dislocated!! We could do nothing about it and couldn’t even tell what was going on. Thankfully Kacin kept his phone on him and gave me all the updates. Most incredible thing was watching the trainers pop it back into place and then with his injured arm he got up and pinned the guy!!

Amazing kid!!

We did get to attend one match at the end of the season. They opened up senior night to 4 people attending and it worked out for us to have a babysitter that evening, too. 

So fun to watch Kyler wrestle! He has improved SO much from last year. 

Kacin had an awesome season, too! He was asked to practice with varsity a lot of the time and that had helped him improve so much.

Pretty fun to watch his skills and knowledge of the sport increase. He is fantastic!

The cheerleaders at the match...

Already looking forward to next season!