March 12, 2021

these days

It feels kind of like a miracle that I am sitting down to type at a computer right now. I don't think that there are currently enough hours in the day for me to do everything that I want to do. Or need to. So to sneak a few moments here is pretty glorious.

I got sick this week. Maybe it was a migraine/heat exhaustion/dehydration--I'm not sure. But I got super ill for an afternoon right after a hike and it changed our plans for the week drastically. It gave Eric and I some flashbacks to cancer. And reiterated how amazing my own little family is--Layla cared for me while E had to work and Kacin helped out with the babies and my heart was grateful for their compassion and help.

Sleep is hard to come by these days. But I know that soon enough we won't be waking up for 3am feedings. Baby girl will grow. so for now we are enjoying all the newborn things we can with our sleep deprived brains and bodies.

(I think it was Brinna who must have taken that picture on that early morning. Sums life up pretty well.)

It was just a month ago that she was this teeny tiny. Nothing better than a newborn fresh out of a bath.

What else are the days filled with? This little one who came out like this telling me she was “the pink Sophia.” Sophia the First is her current favorite show. She has also told me that she wants to go to Disneyland to meet Sophia, James, and Amber. But she was clear that she’s going to say hello to James first. Because he's cute.

Such a ham!

Kacin’s luscious locks got quite long. I took this right before he went and got a trim. Only a trim. It’s still a head of long, glorious curls.

Naps for everyone!

We are so lucky to have this gorgeous view from the park right by our house.

We got a happy surprise when our friends, and former Bishop, from Washington came for a visit. So glad to see them!

Babies are too much fun.

Brinna told me that baby is her best friend. Melts my heart!

More pictures of the precious, sleeping little one.

I went to my friend’s baby shower and was able to meet two friends that I have known since I went to Jr High and elementary school. 

Kyler went to cowboy themed morp and had such a fun time with his friend.

Jenny came for a visit and stayed for awhile and we loved having her here.

She gets a lot of love from a lot of people here.

Brinn loves playing with her friend and was especially excited about the batman dress up she got to wear.

Our YW had a homework night for kids and we met at a park and brought homework for the YW to help us with. Layla and Perry both loved working with the sweet young women surrounded by all their friends doing their own homework. Best idea!

And that basically sums up about a week of our life in February.