March 24, 2021

more hiking

I just can’t imagine a day when the desert and the mountains will feel dull and monotonous.

I’m grateful for all the days I get out hiking. Even the ones not documented in pictures. But these were some special ones over the last month or so.

We hiked Santan one morning and ended up passing some other new friends there by chance. Because of this meet up we got an invite to hike Camelback with them just a few weeks later.

Camelback is a fun hike, especially with a fun and welcoming group of women.

I also got to go on a very special hike with a dear friend to Praying Hands. 

We went there via Slot Rock and that was such a pretty spot, too. 

All pretty spots deserve a little yoga and a photo shoot.

The approach to Praying hands was really lovely.

Once we got up close we took a few quiet minutes to offer our own individual prayers. I'm glad I was able to sneak this picture of my friend having this beautiful moment.

We each added a rock to the pile. Though we have no idea the story behind the pile or what it is for. We just wanted to each add our own.

The light on the way down was just delightful.

These mountains captivate me with their beauty.

We got off the trail a little bit, but thanks to All Trails on my friend's phone we navigated back on track.

Some hikes are just really meanigful and connecting and this was one of them. I was glad I was there. No place I'd rather be than on mountains like this with good people.

Just a couple weeks later we were back at the same location, but this time ready to set out on a different trail. We planned to conquer Flat Iron!

Siphon's draw was the furthest any of us had ever been before. 

We were excited to climb those rocks and see what lay ahead.

Climb we did!

But I loved every second of it. Flat Iron became my favorite hike that day.

Do you see that peak in all of its angel glory? That's where we went up to.

Such interesting terrain at the top of it.

We made it together!

So glad we have couples friends who are up for adventures like this.

Isn't that view amazing?

 It was a fun morning on that trail.

I'm glad we organized it together.

I can't believe that this is the only picture I have of us. This girl here has hiked with me weekly for months now. Usually just around Santan, but occasionally we get out to other places to prove that we are legit hikers. ;) She is the wisest person I know and has helped me through some tough stuff. I'm so grateful for the god-guided friendship that came to be between us. I trust her and I look up to her. She is an incredible soul who gets me and helps me.

I will end this long post with pictures of my little budding hiking crew.

We don't get out on long hikes all together, but occasionally we steal away to climb the little mountains together to catch the sunset.

These are the moments on the mountains that I most love to soak in.

Just time watching my kids scramble over rocks together and laugh and talk.

I just can't get enough of it all.