February 28, 2021

valentines parties

Layla planned for weeks and weeks to throw a valentines party for some of her friends. She delivered her quite independently handmade invitations to friends in the neighborhood. My favorite part was the large words of love, “Even if you don’t come, have a nice holiday.” So sweet. And hilarious, too.

On the afternoon of the party, we made a quick run to hobby lobby and then came home to decorate for the event. 

Layla and I both enjoy planning and setting up for simple parties. I love that we share that.

We placed red vines for straws in the cups and that was a huge hit for the evening.

Layla made a beautiful welcome sign to hang on the door.

All set and ready for the guests to arrive.

It was such a beautiful afternoon that we got to open up the sliding glass door and enjoy the fresh air.

All ready for a “love”-ly party.

Her guests started to arrive and they each decorated a paper bag to keep valentines in.

Brinn was anxiously awaiting the moment when the cupcakes, jello, and pink lemonade would be served (all made by Layla).

After the girls decorated bags and played outside, we played “do you love your neighbor” and hot potato but with a bean bag heart. We ate pizza and jello when we were done with games. And then Layla organized the girls to do puppet shows. I’ll admit, when Layla suggested puppet shows, I was a bit hesitant, but it was a huge hit! Layla divided the girls into groups and they each chose a puppet and created and performed a show for us.

Layla asked each girl to bring a set of Valentine’s. She agreed to my idea to hunt for valentines in the backyard. We placed each girls valentines in a bowl. Then I placed the bowl somewhere in the backyard with a set of fairy lights around them.

We gave the girls glow sticks to wear and then they went from bowl to bowl collecting valentines in the dark.

Happy girls after the valentines glow hunt.

There were cupcakes and a few minutes of a movie, but we ended the night with a dance party!

It was such a fun night! Layla learned a lot about being hostess and enjoyed the party immensely.

Brinna and Perry had their own school parties that same day. They were so excited to share valentines.

Valentine’s Day is the best holiday!