February 27, 2021

backyard chickens

 Layla was thrilled when she got her chicks for Christmas.

She has pretty much faithfully taken care of them since that day. She learned how to feed them and change their water. She spent hours out in that garage playing with them. And now they have grown up and graduated from a box in the garage to their very own chicken coop.

Eric carried out this project with help from many of our kids. They designed it to be big enough for all the backyard chickens, and maybe even some rabbits in the future (another dream of Layla’s).

There are still a few things that need to be finished on the coop (like painting). But I think these chickens are happy in their new home!

Well, happy until Brinna opens the coop and let’s them escape.

Thankfully between kyler, Layla, and Eric the two times she has done this, the chickens were quickly returned to the safety of their coop. (Brinna’s 3 year old spunky behavior keeps on our toes for sure:) ).