February 21, 2021

a trip to Prescott and a happy birthday to grandma

My mom celebrated another year!

We decided to travel up to Prescott to wish her a happy birthday. All the grand kids that currently live in the US gathered around her.

We ate lunch and played in the park nestled in the trees. The old piles of snow was the first time some of my kids had ever seen real snow I think!

We stopped by the courthouse to find grandpa Alvin Allen’s name on the WW2 memorial.

Then grabbed a birthday treat for everyone at a local bakery.

We be lookin’ so good...

We sang happy birthday back at her apartment. Layla took the only pictures we got since in my lap was a newly jealous 3 year old.

I’m so grateful for a mom who taught me to put the Lord first, who made a lot of sacrifices to raise and mother us, who taught me to respect myself and be independent, who found joy in the small things in life, who treats each person she talks to with value and love, and who loves each of my children. Happy birthday, mom/grandma!